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Building Dreams. Granting Wishes. Improving Lives.

The Character and Courage Foundation wants to impact the lives of youth through baseball, while honoring the legacies of three great individuals, Jackie Robinson, Lou Gehrig and Roberto Clemente. All three of these individuals showed exceptional character and courage both on and off the field. All three individuals were successful, not just because of talent, but because of hardwork and the efforts of their teammates.

In baseball, one individual player cannot win a championship on his own. Even the greatest players of all time needed a great team in order to be the best. The Character and Courage Foundation is working to put together a team with one common goal, to as many kids as possible in as many places as possible.

Do you want to make an impact in thousands of kids lives? Do you love baseball? We are looking to build a team of individuals who say "yes" to both of those questions.

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